News and updates

Date Section What's been changed
120604 Brags
Brothers Khan and Timbuktu are new champions!!
120110 Brags
Brags about Zoria and Cerberus at My Dog in Gothenburg!
111102 Brags
Japp is Swiss Veteran Champion and Alizia is new Finnish Champion!!
110914 Brags
Zidane is Croatian Champion and Zoria is Swedish Champion, only 1 day after her 2nd birthday!!
110826 In media
Alizia - fashion model!
110806 Brags
Dixon and Annie, double win at Svenstavik!!
110731 Brags
New champion!
110724 Brags
Brags about Annie and Linck!
110708 Cats
Cat update!
110627 Brags
Brags 2010
CC winners
Some brags, a lovely photo of Alizia in Brags 2010, some more photos of Siiri, and Frankie has his own page...
110627 Brags
Some more brags pages added...
110625 Brags
CC winners
Lure coursing
Photos of Helmer added in the Brags and Champions sections. Photo of Japp and Siiri added in the Brags Section. Photos and pages added for Zoria and Cerberus in the CC winners and Lure coursing sections. A new photo of Siiri in the Lure coursing section.
110624 Brags
Some more on Zidane's Crotatian tour added...
110613 Brags
Brags section undergoing update - photos are being added...
110605 Youngsters
LC dogs
CC winners
Major updating still going on...some news in the young dogs sections.
110530 Brags
Major updating going on in most sections...
110102 Brags
Brags about "Zidane" and "Soraya" in Helsinki.
100822 Brags
CC winners
Lure coursing
Brags for the summer, some individual pages updated...
100406 Youngsters
CC winners
News in the Youngsters and CC winners sections, and a lovely new photo of CC winner "Khan", and some new Brags and Snapshots.
100203 Brags
Brags about "Saba" in Japan
100129 For sale
"Plupp" and "Annie" are for sale and "Helmer" is Afghan of the year in Latvia 2009 and went Best In Show in Ventspils on Januari 16th, 2010
100110 Brags
Brags about Gothenburg
100106 For sale
Two young boys have to move...
100105 CC winners
Photos of Khan and from Judging in Germany...and new photos of our young Salukis...
091208 Brags
Lots of new pages in the Brags section! Also some new photos here and there...
091104 Puppies
Some new puppy owners, new photos of Kazbek and two new Youngsters added!
091027 Puppies
Puppies at 6 weeks!
091018 Saluki
Presenting Freddy and Frida, our new saluki puppies!
091016 Cats
New Maine Coon cat Babsan!
091015 Puppies
For sale
More photos of the growing puppies...
...ongoing... Irish Wolfhounds
Major update ongoing - so far we have a new section about Irish Wolfhounds, some new photos of Takida the cat, new Brags, new Puppies, new Snapshots...more to come!
090628 Lure Coursing
CC winners
"Dixon" gained both lure coursing and show CC's!!
090614 Puppies
Two of the puppies now for sale!
090430 Lure Coursing
"Maggie" is new Lure Coursing Champion!
081213 Brags
Brags from Amsterdam and Stora Stockholm
081211 Puppies
"Ingrid" and "Toto" are mated!
081209 *all* New navigation and some general updates...
081017 Brags
Brags about Sundsvall, and some general updates...
0800930 Brags
CC winners
Future plans
Updates in the Brags section, since Tea the saluki finished the year as #1 LC saluki, and lots of new photos in the CC winners, Youngsters and Champion sections. The Puppies and Future plans sections have been updated with new material, and the Snapshots section has some new photos! And last but not least, a new cat in the Cats section!
080917 Brags
CC winners
New photos of Alison in the Brags and Champion sections!! And new photos of Ingrid in the Champion section, and Alizia in the CC winner section.
0800916 Brags
CC winners
More brags, and also new photos of Khan, Timbuktu and Alizia in the CC winners section!
080818 Brags
Lots of new brags, and two new Khaos Champions!!
080730 Champions
Future plans
New plans for next litter! and Ch Khaos Zany "Mira" wins a new title!
080725 Brags At Köping, Khaos Anakai "Alison" wins her second CC!! and Khaos D’Aram "Zidane" RU Best Puppy in Show among over 40 puppies!
080602 Brags New photo of Khaos Binnowee "Zingalill" winning her final CC!
080531 Judging
News from Österbybruk, and a new assignment! Some more puppy photos...and Khaos Binnowee "Zingalill" is #60 Khaos Champion!!!
080522 Brags At the LC trials at Söderhamn and Borlänge, one new champion and a first CC! And Paloma won a CC in Portugal!
080516 Champions More photos of Helmer!!
080507 New photo
New photo
New photo
Some new photos of Ingrid and Bart!!
080506 Puppies More photos of the new puppies!!
080504 Award (PDF)
Awarded with the KC Working Dog Price!!
080503 Brags At the LC trial in Larv, S.Ch.Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo" got his second CC, and Dabka's Heaven "Tea" got her first!
080422 Puppies
CC winners
CC winners
First photo of new puppies!! And some new photos of Alison, Bart, Ingrid and Velvet!
080420 Brags At the KC Show in Västerås/Rocklunda, S.Fin.DK.EE.N.Int.Ch SV-07 NV-07 Khaos Zurprice "Nala" was BOB, under judge Joukko Leiviskä, Finland.
080416 Puppies
New litter arrived!!
080326 Snapshots
New snapshots, a new photo of Elmo, a new photo of Disa, more brags from Helmer who has his titles updated, and Sweden at the Torrelavega International Show.
080322 Brags
S.Ch.Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo" new champion!!
080304 Snapshots
New photos of Bart and Velvet in the Snapshots section!
080301 Brags
Khaos Carissa "Sweden" gains two CC's in one weekend!
080217 CC winners
Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo" has been bred to Sky Runner Of Dega "Sky"! Puppies expected soon. Khaos Coolawin "Timbuktu" has a new photo! And Sibylla's puppies have a new collage of photos in the Snapshots section!
080213 Imports
The Sibylla&Leroy litter is moved to Previous litters, and a new litter moves into Puppies. Snapshots has a couple of new photos, and Velvet has a new head study. Sky has new photos.
080204 In media
Khaos Boscobel "Bosco" has started his modelling career!
080201 Snapshots
Some snapshots of the puppies
080128 Puppies
For sale
The puppies have new photos at 9 weeks, and there is info in the For Sale section!
080120 Youngsters
New photos of lovely Sweden!
080118 Puppies
The puppies section is completed with their full names and their new owners.
080112 Puppies
More puppy photos!!!
080109 Judging
Report from my first judging assignment in Gothenburg!
080102 Puppies
More photos as the puppies continue to grow...and some photos of our cats! And some additions in the Brags section; "Zingalill" at Stora Stockholm and Khaos Breeder of the Year, again!!
071213 In Media
An interview in Hundsport Special #4, 2007 has been added in the In Media section!
071126 Puppies
Photo of the new puppies at one day old!! New photo of "Tea" in the Saluki section!
071125 Brags
"Nala" BOB in Hamar! and "Sibylla"'s puppies have arrived! New photo of "Japp"!
071110 Brags
S.Fin.DK.EE.Int Ch, SV-07 Khaos Zurprice "Nala" was BOS in Växjö!
071104 Judging
Some new dates on the Judging page.
071002 CC winners
New photo of Khaos Coolawin "Timbuktu" lure coursing! And the Hamilton page has been updated.
071010 Brags
Added brags about Kongsvinger where "Alizia" won BOS! And a new photo of "Sibylla" on the front page.
071002 Champions
Khaos Wish Of Tomorrow "Emma" has a new photo!
070927 Lure coursing
Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo" has won his first LC cc, and the Previous Litters section has a new arrow navigation.
070922 Puppies
Sibylla has been bred to Leroy, some news on the Judging page, and some photos of Ingrid added.
070911 For sale
Future plans
Some changes in the Puppies section, since Sibylla is in season...
070911 Brags
Some brags updates, with new photos!
070904 Front
The front page is updated with the Hamilton Plaque and is expanded, and the navigation is extended...
070903 CC-winners
New CC winners, snapshots, new photos of Tea and some new brags...
070817 Jamil
Strong, beautiful and kind Jamil has left us.
070710 Champions
New photo of Japp, winning his final CC!!
070708 Brags
CC winners
Photo of CC winner Khaos Caloola "Kleo" and youngster Khaos Carissa "Sweden" in the brags section and on their own pages!
070707 Champions
Lure Coursing
Brags about Gotland, where Zingo was 2xBOS, Timbuktu, Ingrid and Bart gained CCs, and Bart became our newest champion! We are welcoming a new import, Sky!! Another photo in the Snapshots section! Gondor is new Lure Coursing champion, and Hugo and Maggie have got their LC licenses!!
070614 Brags
Lure Coursing
Brags, our two new champions "Habibi" and "Japp", and a new section on Lure Coursing!!
070522 Brags Added brags about Lilla Stockholm, österbybruk and Skavlöten!
070501 Snapshots Added a snapshot of Khaos Cabarita "Velvet", Khaos Comanche "Darin" and Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo".
070429 CC winners
Khaos Bow Bowing "Dash" was BOB and Group 3rd in Norway on April 29th, and also gained his first CC - he is now moved to the CC winners section!
070419 For Sale No available puppies!
070412 Snapshots
A new front pic of Ch Khaos Zealot "Gondor" and Dabka´s Heaven "Tea" and an addition to the Snapshots section!
070401 For Sale Khaos Comanche "Darin" is for sale!
070311 Champions
LV.Ch. Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" is Khaos Champion #55!
070310 CC winners Added a photo of Khaos Blackadder "Helmer"
070308 Champions
News about "Sibylla"'s invitation to Veteran of Veterans!!And Khaos Comanche "Darin" has a new photo.
070302 Brags Brags about Köping, where S.Fin.DK.EE. Int Ch Khaos Zurprice "Nala" was BOS, Khaos Badajoz "Alizia" Best Bitch reserve and BOB junior, and Khaos Comanche "Darin" BOB puppy and Best Puppy In Show.
070215 Youngsters
New photos of youngster Khaos Anakai "Alison"!!
070204 Future plans A new photo of "Leroy" added!
070201 CC winners
New photo of CC winner Khaos Charlemagne "Japp"!!
070128 Snapshots Added a snapshot of Khaos Kiama "Tiffany" at the beach!
070121 Youngsters
Some more additions under Youngsters, and a snapshot of Khaos Carissa "Sweden" running on the beach!
070120 Youngsters
Added several youngsters, and gave S.Fin.DK.Est. Int.Ch. Khaos Zurprice "Nala" a Brags page for her double BOS in Gothenburg!
070119 Puppies
Tidying up!
070117 Front page
Celebrating! Khaos is Breeder of the Year 2006!!
070108 Saluki
New photos of Dabka´s Heaven "Tea"!
070105 Brags New brags about Khaos Blackadder in late 2006, which is archived as we move into another year - also new brags about the first KC show of 2007!
061130 Champions
Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" moved from the Youngsters section to CC winners, both under the Champions heading.
061122 Youngsters New photos of Khaos Blackwattle "Ingrid" and Khaos Binnowee "Zingalill"!
061114 Snapshots
The postcard from Khaos Carissa moved to snapshots!
061113 Cats
Two new sections see the light of day, as we present our cats, and our new Saluki puppy "Tea"!! And Khaos Badajoz "Alizia" have some new photos in her portfolio.
061031 Youngsters
New photos of Khaos Barrenjoey "Joey" who recently left for his new home in England!
061020 Puppies
For sale
Khaos Caloola "Laleh" has a new owner, and we have no more puppies for sale.
061004 Brags
Brags about Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" who was BOS, gained his first CC and went Best Junior In Show at the Latvian Sighthound Specialty on October 1st!
Also, we have some new lovely photos of Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo"!
060918   Some "cleaning up", adding titles, revising some text.
060905 For sale
Future plans
Some more photos and updates about the puppies! A change in our future plans, some brags about Söderhamn, and a couple of new snapshots!
060902 Brags
Brags about Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" BIS2 at Ozolnieki! And brags about our new International Champion, S.N.Fin.Int.Ch. SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo", and our new Finnish Champion - S.N.Fin.DK.Int.Ch. Quom Picasso´s Kazbek "Kazbek".
060822 Champions
New photos of the puppies at six weeks!! Also lots of new brags, and many more photos of our young dogs in the Youngsters section, that has been moved from Puppies to Champions!
060803 Brags
Brags about Riga and Ransäter! Celebrating our new International Champion, S.N.Fin.Int.Ch. SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo", and our new Finnish Champion - S.N.Fin.DK.Int.Ch. Quom Picasso´s Kazbek "Kazbek".
060727 Champions
CC winners
More photos of our new puppies as they continue to grow! In the youngster section, we have made some additions! More photos in the Snapshots section, and new photos of Manne (Imports) Gondor and Sibylla (Champions) and Chica (CC winners). And news&photos in the Brags section!
060709 For sale
CC winners
First photos of our new puppies are out in the For sale and Puppies sections! Lots of new photos and facts from several shows in the Brags Section. New photos of Calista and Zingalill in the Youngsters section, and of Habibi in the CC winner section.
060608 Champions
Future plans
Brags about Khaos Charlemagne "Japp" at Tampere and S.N.DK.Int Ch Quom Picasso´s Kazbek "Kazbek" at Bosjökloster!
New picture in the Future plans section, and new pictures of Khaos Kurrajong "Calista" and Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" in the Youngsters section. New pictures of S.Ch Karakush And Then Some "Elmo" and Quom Mandrake en Matinee "Mandrake" in the Imports section, and SCh.NCh. Khaos Raffish "Tyra" in the Champions section. New pictures of Khaos Kuranda "Habibi" in the Snapshots section!
060507 For sale
Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" is for sale!
060505 Puppies
Quom Mandrake En Matinée "Manne" has mated S.Fin.DK.Est.Int.Ch Khaos Zurprice "Nala" on May 4th.
060428 Brags
CC winners
"Gondor" group winner, "Zingo" BOS, "Daphne" RU Best Bitch and gains her first CC and "Sibylla" Best Veteran in Show at the Västerås KC show! And Khaos Kiama "Tiffany" gains some points towards an American title...
060416 Brags
"Nala" wins BOB at Stockholm int. KC show, winning the final Cacib and making her International Champion!
060413 Snapshots
Some photos from Australia, showing Adam & Colleen Khoury's lovely dogs at the National at Wismans Ferry!
060316 Future plans
Great news in the Future Plans section, plus new photos of "Sibylla" in the Champions and Snapshots sections!
060226 Puppies
New photos of the puppies at nine weeks!
060220 For sale
Future plans
Two new sections added! "For sale" has info about the remaining puppies for sale, and in "Future plans" we tell you what to expect from our coming litters.
060205 Puppies
New photos of the puppies at six weeks!!
060115 Puppies
CC winners
  • Youngsters
  • New photos of the puppies at three weeks! And we moved Habibi from Youngsters to CC winners, after she gained her first CC at the Gothenburg KC Show.
    060108 Brags
    New brags, and since it's a new year, last years brags has been moved into an archive.
    051228 Puppies Brags
    New puppies arrived! And Nala gains another Cacib in Helsinki, but has to wait for her International title...
    051118 Snapshots
    New photo of Nala!
    051113 Imports
    New photo of Kazbek!
    051112 Champions
    Kazbek and Nala have their new titles!
    051106 Brags
    News in the Brags section!!!
    051104 Snapshots
    Snapshots section changed, new photos of Zingo, Nala, Elmo, Mandrake.
    051031 Champions
    New breeding information, and a lovely new photo of Zingo!
    051020 Puppies
    Puppies section updated, and new front page photo!
    050917 Champions
    Ch.Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo" has some new head studies,
    and we have new photos of Khaos Kuranda "Habibi"!
    050915 Brags
    Brags about Khaos Anakai "Alison" at Sofiero and Karakush And Then Some "Elmo" at Helsingborg added!
    Khaos Kuranda "Habibi" replaces Quom Mandrake En Matinée "Manne" on the front page, and the photo of "Manne" is added to his main page.
    New head study of Karakush And Then Some "Elmo" added!
    050901 Brags
    Photo of BIS Baby at Tammsvik - Khaos Anakai, with Khaos Arabanoo as runner-up.
    050824 Puppies
    In late August, our Australian boy, CC winner Karakush And Then Some, bred S.N.Ch Khaos Raffish, and we hope for puppies in October.
    050822 Brags
    A brags page about Norrköping
    050819 Brags
    New pictures of Quom Mandrake en Matinee "Manne", and a Brags page about Askersund
    050818 Brags
    New pictures of Ch. Khaos Zenith "Zenith", and a Brags page about Svenstavik
    050812 About us
    Champions Puppies
    In Media Brags
    The whole site turned green!!!
    050724 In Media "Disa" in an ad for Telia Mobile
    050723 Brags "Nala" wins BIR at Västerås International KC show!
    050708 Puppies Presenting "Calista", another Youngster in the Puppies section!
    050625 Brags Champions Four new Finnish champions in two days!!!
    050529 Champions
    In Media
    New Champion, Mira #53!!.
    Puppies section, Snapshot section updated.
    Khaos In Media section added.
    050508 Champions Presenting "Paloma", our champion # 52!
    050505 Puppies Another youngster in the Puppies section
    050505 Snapshots Picture added in the Snapshots section
    050501 Puppies More pictures of "Bellina"'s puppies, at 9 weeks!
    050418 Puppies More pictures of "Bellina"'s puppies, at 7 weeks!
    050415 Imports More pictures of Kazbek, Mandrake and Elmo!
    050415 Snapshots Pictures and full names, added in the Snapshots section
    050413 Puppies More pictures of "Bellina"'s puppies, at 6 weeks!
    050329 Champions Pictures added on "Gondor"'s pages
    050329 Puppies More pictures of "Bellina"'s puppies, at 4 weeks!
    050315 Snapshots Pictures added in the Snapshots section
    050310 Puppies First pictures of Bellina's puppies
    050225 Puppies Bellina gave birth to her 6 puppies
    041231 Puppies Bellina+Jamil mated December 24th!