"Gentille" some weeks before she died
As Afghan Hounds is a breed who needs a lot of care, my intentions are to always "be there" for my puppy buyers. For that reason, I breed only one litter per year. We have puppy meetings, grooming weekends etc. so that I can show the owners how to take care of their dogs in the best way.
The parents of my litters has a health certificate, eyes clear, and nice temperament. For health reasons, I do want to have a large gene pool, so therefore I do not inbreed, or do close linebreedings. The most important thing when I do a mating, is to aim for the breed standard.

The puppies are sold with a health certificate, fully vaccinated, dewormed, chip marked, and with insurance against hidden faults.

For those of you who wants to read more about coat care, sorry but that is only in Swedish.