Quom Mandrake en Matinee

(Aust.Ch.Karakush Adrenalin Rush
x Aust.Ch.Quom Tootsie On Toulouse)
born 2004

bred by Colleen Khoury, Sydney, Australia
owners & handlers Beatrice Färeborg and Christina Roseen

After admiring "Tootsie" for many years, we went to Australia to look at her 9 weeks puppies. We immediately fell in love with Mandrake, this super-angled little king! And on his first time out at dog shows, Mandrake won Best Baby In Show, at Skokloster/Tammsvik 2004. He gained his Swedish Champion title at the Söderhamn Sighthound Special in September 2006.

Can´t tell you how happy we are, that Colleen did let us have him, thank you! We will do our best to make you proud!

Photo: Tuuli Koivumäki

More pictures:

At Högbo Bruk
27 months
As a pup
With Bea
Head study
At five months
At 14 months