Khaos D'Aram "Zidane"
(S.Fin.Ch.Jangel's Cadiblack "Leroy" x
S.Ch, SLCCh Khaos Tomorrow Never Dies "Sibylla")

Litter born 2009-09-10:

The unexpected litter has arrived! One cream/apricot boy, one black/blue boy, black girls, brindle girl, golden girl...and both mom and puppies are doing great!

A sunny Sunday in July a little accident happened...Ingrid and Zidane made an accidental mating, hmmm... Ingrid didn't even show that she was in season, and all of a sudden Zidane mated her... this is the very first accidental mating I have had during my 30 years with Afghan Hounds. It is a combination I had planned to do... but not right now. Anyway, Ingrid and Zidane decided it was a good idea to try to get puppies, and now here they are. Both parents has full dentition and eyes checked clear.

S.Ch.Khaos Blackwattle "Ingrid"
(S.Ch.Karakush And Then Some"Elmo" x
S.N.Fin.Int.Ch, SLCCh. Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo")

Khaos Gunbower
Owner:Maria Mjärling/Summerstorm, Sweden
Khaos Grayson
Owner: Maria Fatima Silva/Portugal
Khaos Gresham
Owner: Carla Cabarga Garriga/Sweden
Khaos Galaxy Raby
black, white front
Owner: Helena Eriksson/Sweden
Khaos Gillianne
Owners: Lena & Lasse Larsson, Gävle
Khaos Gwynne
Owner:Helena Eriksson/Sweden
Khaos Gwynellen
black masked golden
Owner: Suzanne Wahlberg, Vällingby/Sweden