Int.S.Fin.Ch.El Cariba´s Joy for Khaos

(Aust.Ch.Pierhelo Rough´N Tough x Aust.Ch.Jacosta Geminesse)
born 1984

Joy´s mother was sent in whelp to Norway, and I imported her from the breeders, Ellen and Toringe Oldervik. She was a slow mature, and went through stages, from the ugliest to the most beautiful.

I did not show her until she was about three years of age, but then she was very very beautiful, the most fantastic mover, and a reliable showgirl. She won Best of Breeds, groups etc. But the icing on the cake was when she went BIS at Skokloster Specialty 1989, under Pauline Hewitt, Khandhu, Australia. The entry was 208 Afghans, I was 9 months pregnant and sent my friend into the ring. My friend, Susanne, had never been into a ring before! But Joy did not really needed a handler, she just enjoyed to be in the rings, and showed herself off. Great isn´t it!