All That Jazz of Shikarah´s

(Gold Strike of Shikarah
x E.Ch.Wine N´Glory of Shikarah)
born 1998

"Jazz" came to us, to stay for one year, in the middle of the coldest winter, which must have been a horror, as he came from warm Spain. He took us all by storm, and he is still in our hearts, he is absolutely a darling of dogs. We missed him deeply when he went back to his owner in Gibraltar.

Thank you, David Allan, Jazz´s breeder, who let us lease "Jazz", he is the father of Khaos litter born 2002, out of Ch.Khaos On A Great Sunny Day. It was a litter of eight puppies, five of them are shown. Three, Ch.Khaos Zingoalla, Ch.Khaos Zealot and Ch.Khaos Zurprice finished their titles when they just turned two years of age, and Fin.Ch.Khaos Zany and Ch.Khaos Zenith have finished their titles in 2005. Khaos Zambo has only been shown three times, but has been placed in Best Male Classes every time.