2011-10-22 At the lure coursing trial in Skåne, S.Ch. Khaos Galaxy Raby "Zoria" finished in second place and won a CC.
2011-09-25 Today S.N.Ch. Khaos Badajoz "Alizia" won CC, CACIB and BOS at Åland/Finland under judge Anette Bystrup. She also gained her Finnish Ch title. Congratulations Linda and Alizia!
2011-09-17 S.Fin.EE.Ch. Khaos Charlemagne "Japp" is Swiss Veteran Champion. He was BOB veteran at all three shows and Best of Breed at two -
St Gallen International on May 14th BOB, BOB veteran + Best Veteran in Show.
St Gallen International on May 15th BOB veteran + Best Veteran in Show.
Kleindöttingen National on September 17th BOB, BOB veteran + Best Veteran in Show. Way to go Japp + Saari!
2011-09-10,11 Khaos Galaxy Raby "Zoria" won her second CC on Saturday 10th at Sofiero under judge Karin Hedberg, and on Sunday 11th, she won her third CC, earned her Swedish Champion title and placed BOS at the Sighthound Special in Laröd under judge Birthe Scheel, Denmark - the day after her 2nd birthday!
2011-08-28 At the National show in Slovenia, Croatian Slovenian S.Fin.Ch. Khaos D'Aram "Zidane" went BIS3! Thank you judges Mr. Victor Shyjan, UA (Breed), Mr. Željko Gajic SLO (Group) and Mr. Stelios Makaritis GR (BIS)
2011-08-14 Khaos Devenish "Siiri" went BOS, winning her second CC at Joensuu in Finland, thank you judge Robert Blumel!
2011-08-06 At the Sighthound Specialty at Svenstavik, Khaos Dixon was BOB with CC and Khaos Gillianne "Annie" BOS, also with CC! Thank you judge Dr. Bodegård!
2011-07-18 Khaos Freesia "Zubeyde" got her final CAC for her Austrian Champion title. Judge O. Knauber from Germany. Way to go Doris! Congratulations!
2011-07-17 At the Lure Coursing European Mastership "Annie" Khaos Gillianne ended up as #4 Afghan of 96 entered!
And my lovely cat "Linck" Golden Oracle's Heavens On Fire won Exc1, BIV and Nomination at an Int Catshow in Stockholm. Sorry, no photos from today.
2011-06-19 "Frankie" Khaos Fransisco, won CC in Gällivare int KC Show under Afghan Specialist Stephen Wheeler, Aus.
"Zidane" Khaos D'aram won CC, Cacib and BOB in Slovenia. He also won the group!
"Frida" Miss Khaos of Shikarah's won the Breed with CC and the group and ended up with BIS! judges Moa Persson, and Göran Bodegård (Sighthound Specialist) at Avesta KC show. 2500 dogs entered.
2011-06-05 "Zidane" Khaos D'aram won CC, Cacib, BOB and the Group in Croatia. In Söderhamn at the national lure coursing trial, Khaos Gillianne "Annie" won BOB with CC at 85.50 points. Judges Geir Kristiansen & Sofia Lindh.
2011-06-04 "Zidane" Khaos D'aram won CC and BOB in Croatia. Khaos Awaba got her first CC and BOS in Norrköping judge was mr John Muldoon, from Ireland
2011-05-29 Our saluki "Frida" Miss Khaos of Shikarah's won BOB with CACIB, and Group 4th at the KC show in Vallentuna.
And in Slovenia, S.Fin.Ch Khaos D'Aram "Zidane" won the CC and BOB in the National Show in Slovenia, judge T.Gesic.
2011-05-22 "Zidane" S.Fin.Ch Khaos D' Aram and Katarina Kojan, again ended up with BEST of BREED with CC and Cacib, and placed 4th in the Group!
2011-05-21 "Zidane" S.Fin.Ch Khaos D' Aram and Katarina Kojan, made their debute together, and ended up with BEST of BREED with CC and Cacib, and Best In Group! Judge Tatiana Urek, Slovenia
On the same day in Borlänge at the LC trial, Marie Jarl, Sverige & Robert Dirksen judged Khaos Gillianne at 84.50 points, making her BOB with CC.
2011-05-14 at the Sighthound Specialty in Ljungbyhed, Khaos Galaxy Raby "Zoria" won the Specialty CC, and also BIS 4th intermediate. The judge for Afghans was Carol Tipler, New Zeeland. Good work Helena!
On the same day in Switzerland, S,Fin.Ch Khaos Charlemagne "Japp" won Best of Breed, CC and BIS Veteran. Thank you judge!
2011-05-07 At the NATIONAL DOG SHOW (CAC) TALSI, LATVIA. Under Judge Zorica Salijevich (SE), Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" won BOB and BIG-3. Handled by KRISTINA LUKINA
2011-05-08 At the NATIONAL DOG SHOW (CAC) in VENTSPILS, Latvia, under Judge V.Ivanischeva (RUS), "HELMER" Khaos Blackadder, won BOB. Handled by KRISTINA LUKINA
2011-05-07/08 In Hjältevad, Khaos Gillianne "Annie" was BOB with 87.75 points, with CC. Judges: Marie Jarl & Geir Mattiseen
2011-05-01 In Trögstad, Norway at the International LC Trial, Khaos Gillianne "Annie" won BOB, CC and cacil with 82 points, and Khaos Dixon also won CC and cacil, making him Norwegian & International LC Champion! Judges: Robert Dirksen, Sweden & Bernt Rahms, Germany
2011-04-10 In Sjöbo, Khaos Gillianne "Annie" won Best in Field and LC CC with 84 points! She is such a good runner!!! Thank you Lena and Lasse Larsson, who keep her and your other dogs in such good conditon!
2011-03-27 Sighthound Specialty in Strängnäs; Khaos D'aram, won CC and completed his Finnish and Swedish Champion title. Thank you Camilla for showing him, and thank you judge Nelly Daniella Ahrend, Germany
2011-03-20 at Malmö int, our saluki "Frida" Miss Khaos of Shikarah's won BOS, CC and Cacib, under Robert Blumel, Italy. Super handling by Camilla//Tells.
Owners of Frida are Khaos and Tells.
2011-03-12 Khaos Devenish "Siiri" was 3rd at the Winter Coursing in Mustiala, Finland. She gained her first LC CC with a total of 504 points. 24 afghans entered.
2011-01-06 At the Sighthound Specialty in Gothenburg, Khaos Dewberry "Soraya" won CC, and BOS, so she completed har Swedish Title and also became Noweigan and Finnish Champion, under judge Dominique Danel, France. Lovely handling by Camilla //Tells.