2008-12-06 At Stora Stockholm, LV.JCH, S.LT.LV.Ch. Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" was BOB! Junior Khaos Dixon was BM reserve, and saluki Dabka's Heaven "Tea" gained her final CC, making her Swedish Champion!
2008-11-30 In Amsterdam, S.Ch.Khaos Blackwattle "Ingrid" was BOS and gained the title Amsterdam Winner -08!
2008-10-11 At Sundsvall Int KC Show, Ch Khaos Blackwattle "Ingrid" was BOS, with the beautiful Ch Elan Sebring The Matrix as BOB. Ch Khaos Anakai "Alison" was Best Bitch 2nd (Thanks to Camilla/Tells for showing Alison to perfection). Ch Khaos Binnowee "Ingalill" ended up as Best Bitch 3rd, and 10 months young Khaos D’ Aram "Zidane" also did very well, won the CC and Best Male 2nd. Best Male 4 was Ch Khaos Chant Royal "Bart". Judge Svante Frisk, Sweden
2008-09-21 Our saluki, Dabka's Heaven "Tea" finished her LC season in Falköping with another BOB, making her # 1 LC Saluki 2008!!
2008-09-13 At his first time out, haos Emmerick "Howie" won Runner Up Best Puppy In Show at the Sighthound Specialty in Helsingborg. Judges Karin Hedberg, Sweden and Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Portugal
2008-08-31 At Visby int. KC Show, judge Åke Sjöström, S.
BOB was Group 2nd LTJCh, LVCh, LTCh, SCh Khaos Blackadder."Helmer", and BOS Ch Khaos Blackwattle "Ingrid". Brother and sister also gained Cacibs. Thanks to Marie Frisén who helped out with handling Ingrid.
2008-08-30 At Visby National KC Show, judge Javier Sanchez Blanco, Spain.
BOB and Group 3rd was LTJCh, LVCh, LTCh, SCh Khaos Blackadder "Helmer", and a very young Khaos D’Aram "Zidane" won his first CC first time out in official class! Only 9 months and 5 days old (young!)
2008-08-16,17 At Nyköping, LV.JCh, LT.LV.S.Ch.Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" was Best Male 4th and Khaos Anakai "Alison" Best Bitch 4th under judge Dave Miller, USA. On Sunday inNorrköping, LV.JCH, LT.LV.S.Ch.Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" was again Best Male 4th and Khaos Anakai "Alison" BOS with CC, gaining her Swedish Champion title under judge Tino Pehar, Croatia!
2008-08-09 At Askersund Int KC Show, Judge David Hull, Austr. Ch Khaos Binnowee won BOS and another Cacib. Her brother LV.JCH, LT.LV.S.Ch. Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" placed 4th in the Best Male Class, and her sister Khaos Badajoz "Alizia" won her third CC. "Zidane" Khaos D'Aram won BOB puppy and Runner Up Best Puppy In Show! Judge in the Finale ring was Nils Molin, S and there were about 35 puppies for the Best In Show Competition.
2008-08-03 Svenstavik Int KC Show, judge Pirkko Kontinen, Fin, Brother and Sister, "Helmer" LVCh, LTCh, LTJCh Khaos Blackadder and "Ingrid" Khaos Blackwattle won CC´s and gained their Swedish Titles! "Zidane" Khaos D´Aram won BOB Puppy, but due to the rain we did not stay for the finals.
2008-08-02 Svenstavik Sighthound Specialty, judge Marjatta Pylvinäimen Soursa, Fin ; BEST IN SHOW, "Bart" Khaos Chant Royal! And Best In Show Puppy "Zidane" Khaos D´Aram! Lovely Day J
2008-07-19 At the International KC show in Köping, Khaos Anakai "Alison" placed RU Best Bitch and won her second CC under judge Dimitris Antopolous, Greece. Khaos D’Aram "Zidane" was Best Puppy, and RU Best Puppy in Show among over 40 puppies! His sister Khaos Dewberry "Soraya" was BOS puppy.
2008-07-13 "Soraya" Khaos Dewberry, BOB Puppy and Best In Show 4th at the Sighthound Specialty, Skokloster Summer Show
2008-07-13 At Alfta, Beautiful "Bart" Ch Khaos Chant Royal won BOB, Best In Group and Runner Up Best In Show!!! Way to go, Lina and Bart! Judges Ligita Zake, LT, BOB, Gunnar Nyman, DK,Group, and Ann Hearn, USA BIS
2008-07-12 "Soraya" Khaos Dewberry went Best Puppy In Show at the Afghanhound Specialty, Skokloster Summer Show
2008-07-12 Tvååker KC Show with judge Ann Ingram, saluki "Thea" Dabka´s Heaven won another CC!
2008-06-29 Young promising "Khan" Khaos Comanche won CC under Colleen Khoury, Australia and "Baguss" Khaos Deewhy BOB Puppy, and KC Show in Borås.
2008-06-14 At the Sighthound Specialty in Tånga Hed, Khaos Dewberry "Soraya", was BOB puppy and Best Puppy In Show and Khaos Anakai "Alison", won her first CC under breed specialist Roberto Posa, Switzerland. And at the International FCI CACIB Dog Show and "Cruft's" qualification Show in Latvia, LVCh, LTCh, LTJCh Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" got R.CACIB.
2008-06-08 At the International KC show in Vänersborg, Ch Khaos Binnowee "Zingalill" was BOS under judge Dan Ericsson, while Khaos Dewberry "Soraya" was BOB Puppy and RU Best Puppy in Show!
2008-06-01 Sighthound Specialty in Råneå, the saluki, Dabka´s Heaven "Tea" won CC, Best Bitch 2nd and Runner Up Best In Show Youngster under judge Göran Bodegård, S.
SLCCh, S.Ch Khaos Zealot "Gondor" was BOS under the same judge.
2008-05-31 At the KC show in Norrköping, Khaos Binnowee "Zingalill" gained her third CC, and is now Khaos Champion # 60!
2008-05-22 May update: at the LC trial in Söderhamn, S.Ch Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo"was BOB, placed 4th in Field and gained his final CC, making him LC champion! Dabka's Heaven "Tea" was BOB with CC and Best In Field!
On the following weekend at the LC trial in Borlänge, S.Ch SLCCh Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo" again placed 4th with Khaos Coolawin "Timbuktu" on reserve, gaining his first CC! Dabka's Heaven "Tea" was BOB with CC and Runner-up Best In Field!
In Portugal on May 10th, N.Ch Khaos Silencio Loco "Paloma" won a CC at the Clube Português de Canicultura International Show in Elvas, Judge: Mr Philip John, India: Exc 1, CAC.
2008-04-27 At the Lure Coursing trial in Larv, Ch Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo" got his second LC CC and saluki Dabka´s Heaven "Tea" got her first!
2008-04-20 At the KC Show in Västerås/Rocklunda, S.Fin.DK.EE.N.Int.Ch SV-07 NV-07 Khaos Zurprice "Nala" was BOB, under judge Joukko Leiviskä, Finland.
2008-03-22 At the KC international show "Lilla Stockholm", S.Fin.DK.EE.N.Int.Ch SV-07 NV-07 Khaos Zurprice"Nala" was BOS, and Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo" placed 4th Best Male, and gained his final CC, making him # 59 Khaos Champion! Thank you judge Gunnar Nymann, Denmark!
2008-03-15 Saturday 15 March at the Torrelavega National Show, Khaos Carissa "Sweden" was CAC, BOB and BOG. Breed judge Adolfo Martinez Nogueira (Spain), group Pedro Delerue (Portugal). Sunday at the Torrelavega Int Show she was CAC, CACIB, BOG-2. under Hiroshi Kamisato (Japan). Only one point left to finish!
2008-03-02 LV JCh, LTCh, LVCh Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" wins the Breed under Specialist George Koustopolos, Greece, at the Latvian Sighthound Club Show.
2008-02-23,24 At the Championship show in Zaragoza, Khaos Carissa "Sweden" won her class to a Karakush import, and at the February 23rd Valladolid National Show, she won her first C.A.C.!!! She was B.O.S. to Ch Khafka´s el Tocayo under judge Manuel Cañamares,Spain. The next day, February 24th at the International Show, she was B.O.S. to el Tocayo again, winning her second C.A.C. and first. C.A.C.I.B. under judge Jose Home de Melo,Portugal.