2007.12.31 As 2007 draws to an end, Khaos is again Breeder of the Year!
2007.12.13 At the international KC show in Stockholm, judge Renee Willes, Sweden gave the CC to Khaos Binnowee "Zingalill"!
2007.11.25 At Hamar, Norway today, S.Fin.DK.EE.Int Ch, SV-07 Khaos Zurprice "Nala" was BOB!
2007.11.03 At the international KC show at Växjö, S.Fin.DK.EE.Int Ch, SV-07 Khaos Zurprice "Nala" was BOS!
2007.10.07 At Kongsvinger International KC show, Khaos Badajoz "Alizia" won BOS and Khaos Bow Bowing "Dash" won Best Male 4th under judge Maria Teresa Durand Fassio, Italy.
2007.09.02 At Högbo, S.N.Fin.Ch. SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo" was again BOS, and S.Ch.SLCCh DMV-05 Khaos Zealot "Gondor" was Best Male 3rd.
2007.08.26. At the Almare-Stäket memorial Show, Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo" won his second CC placing runner-up Best Male, and S.N.Fin.Ch. SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo" was BOS.
2007.08.04-05 Khaos Binnowee "Zingalill" wins BOS x 2 in Svenstavik, and got her two first CCs, Sighthound Specialty and KC Show, under jugdes Ray Lindholm, Sweden and Matti Touminen, Finland.
2007.07.29 At the Specialty Show in Mariefred, Khaos Coolawin won the male Junior Class, and was BOS Junior.
2007.07.15 At the Int.Portugalete-07, Sweden won Junior B.O.B and Junior B.O.G.
2007.07.02 At the Sighthound Specialty Show at Gotland, judged by mr David Allan Gibson, Spain, Khaos Chant Royal "Bart" won his third CC and with that he gained his title. Khaos Blackwattle won her third CC, but as she is not yet two years old, she has to wait till after her second birthday to be able to get her title. Ch Khaos Zingoalla went BOS again. Another day of celebration!
2007.07.01 At the Gotland Int KC Show, Khaos Coolawin won his second CC from juniorclass! Judge was mrs Outi Piisi Putta, Finland. In Alava, Spain, Sweden was BOB and BOG2 at the show arranged by Sociedad Canina Aratz de Alava.
2007.06.30 At the Boxholm LC trial this Saturday, Khaos Zealot "Gondor" finished his Lure Coursing champion title. At the Gotland KC Show, judge mr Frank Kane (GB) gave the male CC to Khaos Chant Royal "Bart" and the bitch CC to Khaos Blackwattle "Ingrid". BOB for the day was Ch Karakush Absolutely and BOS Ch Khaos Zingoalla. Also, Ch Khaos Kuranda got a nice placement in the BB class. What a day!
2007.06.24 Khaos Caloola "Kleo" gained her first CC and was BOS today in Iceland. Judge Göran Bodegård.
2007.06.17 At the KC Show in Avesta, S.N.Fin.Ch.SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo" won BOS, Khaos Chant Royal "Bart" placed RU Best Male and gained his first CC, Khaos Blackwattle "Ingrid" was RU Best Bitch also gaining her first CC, and S.Ch Khaos Kuranda "Habibi" placed BB 3rd.
2007.06.16-17 In Norway this weekend, Khaos Bow Bowing "Dash" gained his second and third CC. On Saturday he was BM 2nd under judge Lynne Brand, South Africa, and on Sunday he was MBM 3rd under judge Manuel Borges, Portugal.
2007.06.10 Jämsänkoski, Finland, a KC Show judged by Karin Hedberg, Sweden. The classic stylish new Champion from the SAFA Show, won BOB today,and also the Sighthound Group! Way to go Sari, owner and handler of "Japp".
2007.06.10 KC Show in Vänersborg, Manuel Borges, Portugal. Lovely, pretty "Habibi" Khaos Kuranda gained her Swedish Title by winning CC and Best Bitch 3rd.
2007 06 09 SA-FA, the prestigeous Afghan Hound Specialty in Finland, judged by åke Gjetnes, Norway. Khaos Charlemagne "Japp" won CC and finished his Finnish and Estonian Title.
2007.06.09 Norrköping KC Show, judge Robert Paust, USA. Young promising "Timbuktu" won his first CC!
2007 06 03 Bosjökloster Afghan Hound Specialty, judged by Dominique Danel, Tchekana, France. Lovely "Nala", S.Fin.DK.EE.Int Ch, SV-07 Khaos Zurprice was BOS. The stylish classic "Calista" Khaos Kurrajong placed 4th in the BB class. "Hugo" was again up in the top with the older guys, placed 4th in the Best Male Class and S BIS Youngster.
2007.06.02 Bosjökloster Sighthound Specialty, judged by Zefrino da Silva,Portugal. Young beautiful Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo" gained his first CC from Youngster Classes and was placed Best Male reserve. In the bitch classes S.Fin. N.Int.Ch, SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla was 2nd and S.Fin.DK.EE.Int Ch, SV 07 Khaos Zurprice was 3rd.
2007.05.20 Lure Coursing competition in Skavlöten, Täby, and Khaos Kurrajong "Calista" won BOB and her first LC CC! Nice work owner åsa Schmidt!
2007.05.13 Swedish Winner Show in österbybruk, judged by Maurice Hermel, France. BOS and Swedish Winner 2007 went to our happy girl S.Fin.EE.Dk.Int Ch Khaos Zurprice "Nala" owner/handled by Beatrice Färeborg. And BB2nd with CC and Cacib to beautiful young girl Khaos Badajoz "Alizia", also owner/handled, by Linda Ekberg. Way to go girls!
2007.04.29 Khaos Bow Bowing "Dash" gained his first CC and was BOB and Group 3rd in Norway today under judge Seamus Oates, Ireland.
2007.04.07 S.Fin.EE.Dk.Int Ch Khaos Zurprice "Nala" went BOS at the KC International Show in Stockholm, handled by owner Beatrice Färeborg, judge Ingela Kyrklund, Sweden
2007.02.25 At the Köping Sighthound special, S.Fin.DK.EE. Int Ch Khaos Zurprice was BOS, Khaos Badajoz Best Bitch reserve and BOB junior, and Khaos Comanche BOB puppy and Best Puppy In Show, under judge Andreja Novak, Slovenia.
2007.02.04 At the Riga Sighthound Club Show on February 4th, Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" placed BM-2 and gained his final CC, making him the first Khaos Champion for 2007!
2007.01.05 At the KC show in Gothenburg, S.Fin.DK.Est. Int.Ch. Khaos Zurprice was again BOS!
2007.01.04 At the KC show in Gothenburg, S.Fin.DK.Est. Int.Ch. Khaos Zurprice was BOS, Khaos Anakai "Alison" BB4 and Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo" was BM reserve. In the puppy classes, Khaos Cabarita "Velvet" was BOS puppy and Khaos Coolawin "Timbuktu" Best Puppy.