2006.12.31 ...and Khaos is Afghan Hound Breeder of the Year, again!!
2006.12.10 In Riga , Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" finished 2006 in style with a BOS win under judge Ritva Raita, Finland!
2006.11.18 Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" was BOB and gained his second CC, at the international show in Riga, under judge Iren Naarits, Estonia.
2006.10.01 Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" first time out in official classes:
At the Latvian Sighthound Club, under judge Ingebjörg Stenhaugen, N, "Helmer" won his first CC and went BOS, and in the finals he won Best Junior In Show.
Thanks Jurijs, for your expert handling!
2006.09.02 At the Söderhamn/Flygstaden Sighthound Specialty, Quom Mandrake En Matinée "Manne" won BOB and BIS-4, and S.Fin.N.Int.Ch, SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo" was BOS! "Manne" also gained his final CC, making him Swedish Champion! BM2 S.Ch. DMV-05 Khaos Zealot and BM3 S.N.DK.Int.Ch. Quom Picasso´s Kazbek, BB3 Khaos Kuranda "Habibi" who gained her second CC, BB4 S.N.Ch Khaos Raffish "Tyra" and BB reserve S.Ch,SLLCh Khaos Tomorrow Never Dies, who also was BIS veteran. Khaos Badajoz "Alizia" was BIS puppy, and Khaos Breeder and Progeny groups were also BIS. Altogether, a Khaotic day at Söderhamn!!
2006.08.19 At the Nyköping Int Show, Khaos Butu Wargun "Hugo", entered the finalring as a star! And it helped, he beat all the 32 other puppies, and went BIS puppy in Show, under Judge Nina Karlsdotter.
2006.08.13 Askersund int.Show, Khaos Binnowee "Zingalill" won BIS puppy in Show! More than 40 puppies in the final ring, and she beat them all. Judges Stephen Wheeler, and Anne Marie Maeland. And Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" won BIS2 puppy at Ozolnieki under judge Seamus Oates, Ireland.
2006.08.12 In Umeå, our sprinter, S.Fin.Ch Khaos Zany, finished her LC title, and is now also, N.Fin.S.LCCh! Congrats to owner Helena Österblad in Finland.
2006.08.05 Khaos Badajoz "Alizia" won BEST PUPPY in Show, at Sighthound Specialty in Svenstavik. Judges Andrée vand der Broeck and Bitte Ahrens
2006.07.30 At the KC show in Ransäter, Khaos Bow Bowing "Dash" was BOB puppy and finished 4th BIS puppy, among 21 different breeds. And in Mikkeli, Finland, S.N.DK.Int.Ch Quom Picasso´s Kazbek gained his Finnish Champion title, and S.Fin.N.Ch, SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo" was BOS and gained her final CACIB, making her International Champion!
2006.07.29 At the Latvian KC show in Märupe, Khaos Blackadder "Helmer" won BIS puppy, expertly handled by Yury Geidons. BIS judge was Marina Patrina, Russia.
2006.07.22 S.N.DK.Int.Ch Quom Picasso´s Kazbek won the Best Male Classes, and was beaten by the lovely Ch.Jangel´s No-Fool-Ing in the BOB competion, at Lövudden Int.KC Show 2006 under judge David Wong, Australia. Khaos Allambie "Daphne" won her second CC, from youngster class. Our young boy Quom Mandrake En Matineé won another CC, and now needs one more to finish his Swedish Title.
2006.07.14-16 At the Högbo Int. KC Circuit in 2006, Khaos Blackwattle "Ingrid" was BIS2, BIS3, och BISreserve puppy competing with over 50 breeds. The same weekend, S.Ch, SLCCh. Khaos Tomorrow Never Dies "Sibylla" was BOB veteran.
2006.07.01 S.DK.N.Int Ch Quom Picasso´s Kazbek BOB, and Group 3rd, at Borås KC Show, under judge Sammi Willson, SA.
2006.06.17 S.Fin.N.Ch Khaos Zingoalla "Zingo" BOS at the Sighthound Special at Tånga Hed under judge Jennifer Dove, GB. Khaos Binnowee "Zingalill" BOB puppy, and reserv in the Best Puppy In Show. Her brother Khaos Bow Bowing "Dash" BOS puppy.
2006.05.27 Khaos Charlemagne "Japp" went BOS and won his first CC at Tampere under judge Victor Besson, France.
2006.05.14 S.N.DK.Int Ch Quom Picasso´s Kazbek "Kazbek" won S.BIS at Bosjökloster Specialty, with the lovely "Olivia" S.N.DK.Int Ch Gengala Just Like That as BOS, under judge Lotta Brun from Norway.
2006-05-07 S.Fin.Ch, NordUV-02, SLCCh, EeCCh Khaos El Juego Loco, BOS under Norwegian Judge Björg Foss, and BOB went to the lovely Int.Nord.Ch Gengala Just Like That, at the KC All Breed Show in Skara.
Khaos also won Best In Show Breeders Group reserve among many Breeders Groups that day, with a group in "multi colour" (white, golden, brindle and blue brindle).
06-04-23 S.Ch Khaos Zealot, wins the Breed and the Group at Västerås KC show, under judges Brenda Jones and Tino Pehar.His sister S.N.Fin.Ch, SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla won BOS.
And that was not enough.... Khaos Allambie "Daphne", won her first CC, from Junior Class, and went Best Bitch 2nd. S.Ch, SLCCh Khaos Tomorrow Never Dies won Best In Show Veteran! What a Day!
06-04-15 At the Stockholm KC international show, S.Fin.DK.EstCh Khaos Zurprice "Nala" went BOB and won her final Cacib under judge Eeva Resko, Finland, making her International Champion.
06-01-07 S.Ch. Khaos Zenith "Zenith" went BOS and won a Cacib at Gothenburg KC int Show under Zafra Zirik, from Israel. BOB went to last years Top Winning bitch multi Ch.Gengala Just Like That.
06-01-05 At the Gothenburg KC Show, Karakush And Then Some "Elmo" and Khaos Kuranda "Habibi" both won CC´s under Zena Thorn Andrews, GB. With that CC, "Elmo" finished his Champion title! It was his first time out in Open Class, he went BOS, and BOB went to the famous multi Ch.Tash Kurgan Wild Wild West.
For "Habibi" it was her first CC, and she was RU Best Bitch. Great start for 2006!