2005-12-17 At the Int.KC Show in Helsinki, S.DK.Est.Ch Khaos Zurprice "Nala" won another Cacib. "Nala" has about 8 Cacib´s in three different countries, but has to wait till after March 2006 and win another Cacib to finish her International title, as more than a year has to pass between the first and the last Cacib.
2005-11-06 At Herning Int.Show Denmark, S.N.Quom Picasso´s Kazbek won Best Of Breed, CC and Cacib. Kazbek has now finished both his Danish and International titles! S.Fin.Est.Ch Khaos Zuprice BOS, with Cacib and CC, she also finished her Danish title, and needs one more Cacib to finish her International title.
2005-09-11 At the Sighthound Specialty in Helsingborg, Karakush And Then Some "Elmo" gains his second CC, and places Best Youngster In Show.
2005-09-10 At Sofiero KC Show, Khaos Anakai went BOB puppy.
2005-08-14 At the international KC show in Norrköping, our co-owned Australian male, Karakush And Then Some, "Elmo" gained his first CC, under Brith Schöne Brodwall, shown by Per Lundström. S.Fin.Est.Ch.Khaos Zurprice "Nala", currently one of the top bitches in Sweden, became BOS, with Int.Ch Xciting Xtravagant Creation as BOB.
2005-08-13 At the Norwegian international KC Show in Oslo, S.Fin.Ch, SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla won another Cacib and has only one more to go, for the International Title. She also finished her Norwegian Ch Title under judge Åke Cronander.
2005-08-07 At the international KC show in Askersund Gloria Geringer, USA Judge Gloria Geringer from USA, awarded our young Quom Mandrake en Matinee both CC and Cacib. And young Khaos Kurrajong placed as Best Bitch reserve.
2005-08-06 Sighthound Specialty, Svenstavik, judge Tuula Savolainen from Finland, awarded Khaos Zenith CC, and he finished his title. As icing on the cake he also won BOB.
2005-07-31 Sighthound Specialty, Skokloster/Tammsvik, Khaos Kurrajong won BOB youngster, and runner up Best In Show. Khaos Allambie won Best Baby In Show.
2005-07-30 Afghan Hound Specialty, Skokloster/Tammsvik, S.Fin.Est.Ch Khaos Zurprice won Best Bitch 2nd, and S.N.Ch Quom Picasso´s Kazbek Best Male 3rd. Khaos Anakai won Best Baby In Show and her brother Khaos Arabanoo, Best Male Baby. Judge Le Hedstrom, Shawnlu Afghans, USA.
2005-07-23 SCh, FinCh, EstCh Khaos Zurprice at International KC Show at Lövudden in Västerås
2005-07-10 SCh, FinCh, EstCh Khaos Zurprice BOS at International KC Show in Tvååker
2005-07-10 S Ch, Fin Ch, SLCCh, ESTLCCh NordUV-02 Khaos El Juego Loco "Jamil" at LC trial in Söderhamn! "Jamil" is currently the #1 LC Afghan in Sweden.
2005-07-03 LC Trial Bråviken, S.Fin.Ch, S.Est LCCh Khaos El Juego Loco wins another BOB at LC Trial, with his mother S.Ch, SLCCh Khaos Tomorrow Never Dies at 3rd, and S.Fin Ch, SLCCh Khaos Zingoalla 4th.
2005-06-19 SCh NCh Quom Picasso's Kazbek "Kazbek" at Avesta KC Show. WOW, third time in a short period...Kazbek BOB and Group Winner at Avesta KC Show, BOS Nala!!! And Khaos Zenith won his second CC!
2005-06-12 SCh FinCh NordUV-02 Khaos El Juego Loco at All Breed Show in Närpiö, Finland. "Jamil" wins BOB, CC and finishes his Finnish title, in Närpiö, Finland, under judge Christian Vantu, Rumania. BOS went to Ch.Khaos Zurprice "Nala", and BB2nd and CC Khaos Zany, who also gained her title! What a weekend, four new Finnish Champions in two days.
2005-06-12 Khaos Chat Noir "Emser" wins BOB at the LC Trial in Sundsvall, and gets his first CC, through pouring rain - the whole field was under 3 inches of water!
2005-06-11 Nala and Zingo win CC´s at the prestigeous Afghan Hound Club Specialty, "SA-FA" in Finland, both of them finish their Finnish titles.
2005-05-29 SCh NCh Quom Picasso's Kazbek "Kazbek" at Gothenburg Int. Show. They did it again!!! Kazbek and Nala BOB and BOS, wins CACIB at Gothenburg Int.Show, under John Walsh, Irl. Kazbek also won the group!!!
2005-05-21 Another great LC weekend! It was five Khaos winners at Täby when Sibylla wins BOB and Jamil BOB2nd. Maja as BOB3rd wins a CC, Zingo BOB4th takes the second CC and finishes her LC title, and Emser at his first time out finishes as BOB reserve.
2005-05-14 SCh, FinCh, EstCh Khaos Zurprice in Estonia. Nala wins BOB, and BIS-3, plus finishes her Estonian Ch title, under Sighthound Specialist Knut Blutecher, Norway, at the Sighthound Specialty, Tallin.
2005-05-13 S Ch, SLCCh Khaos El Juego Loco, won a CC at a LC Trial in Estonia, and gained the Estonian champion title.
2005-05-07 Ch Khaos Life Is A Flower won Best Veteran in Show at Sighthound Specialty in Bosjökloster.
2005-04-23 Our Australian import Kazbek gains his second CC, wins BOB and the Group! in Västerås, under judge Anette Bystrup, DK. Nala wins BOS at the same show.
2005-04-16 What a Lure Coursing weekend! At the Bröndome LC Trial, "Sibylla" wins BOB, and reserve Best in Field, Jamil BOB 2nd, wins CC and finishes his LC title, Maja first time out at the Field 3rd BOB and wins her first CC, Zingo 4th BOB.
2005-04-09 Quom Picasso´s Kazbek in Skara, judge Torbjörn Skaar, Quom Picasso´s Kazbek gained his first Swedish CC. And his daughter Khaos Kuranda won Best Junior in Show 4th.