Photo: Per Undén
Since the first litter in 1982, I have bred approximate one litter per year, and has had great success in the rings over the years. Up to date there are more than 60 individual Khaos Champions, many of them with multiple titles.
I have been "Afghan breeder of the Year" in Sweden eight times, and # 2 in Finland several times. Khaos Afghans has been on the Top Ten lists in several countries. Some have had success on the Lure Coursing Field...and last but not least; I have many loving caring homes for the dogs I have bred, whether they are show dogs or not, thanks to all my very nice puppy buyers!

Afghans has became a great part of my life since the first one stepped through my door, and nowadays I could not even imagine how it would be to live without them. I share my life with my two sons, several Afghan Hounds, two saluki as well as two Norwegian Forest Cats.

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